Are you a Self Storage Owner? Take back control of Your Website from “Web Masters” who Hold You Hostage! If you want to know how to Get More Customers and More Leads from Online Marketing–or if you have No Website At All–start here today!

First, ask yourself these questions.

  • Do you really own your domain name–or even have a domain name–the life blood of your online marketing and lead generation process?  Does your web master/firm own and control it? (Big mistake #1)
  • Do you have a multiple website (up to 10), file storage and monthly usage account under $15 a month?
    Does your web master/firm charge you more per website? (Big mistake #2)
  • Does it cost you money for every change you want to make to your website? Can you do it yourself from any computer online, anywhere, in seconds? (Web folks love to trade hours for dollars–your dollars–and hold you hostage. Big mistake #3)
  • Are you happy with your web presence and the number of new customers and calls you get from your website?

EZ WEB SELF STORAGE is the answer you have been looking for! If you want these mistakes and problems to go away forever, we solve the problem fast and easy. We put you in control of your website. You own it, you control it.

If you don’t own your name, own your hosting, and have the ability to make changes at will anytime you want, you are wasting your time, money, and sales opportunity. Let our experts make the web work for you by starting the process with our Level One Web Page package for only $600. That’s it. After that, we can help you upscale your site with more features, including videos, custom graphics, and a call to action when you are ready. Or do it yourself. You have control.

When you work with us, you will learn there is a whole lot more to online marketing…but this is where you start to fix the problem: by getting a website you control. We can and will do what ever you need, from content to design, but you are in control–you can choose to do the most basic features or the most advanced. In building an online presence, you have to spend time or money. Spend more of what you have–you decide! With EZ Web Self Storage, you are not forced to spend money by a web master or graphic designer. We can help you with every step of the online marketing process, from page building to search optimization. We make functional websites that make the phone ring!

Step 1. Buy a domain name to build your site on. If you already have one your ready for step 3.
We suggest getting your account at
Do not ever let a web design company do this for you. Always get a “.com” name and
own it in an account you control and pay for yourself.

Step 2. Get a business hosting account for $150 a year. Click here to order with your setup request.
You must have a CPANEL Linux hosting account (this is just the geeky, technical type of service you must have for us to guarantee we can make this work for you, anything else, we can’t promise it will work and it could cost you more). Once you have the proper hosting services, you are now ready for a completely upscale-able website platform that we help you set up properly.

Make sure you purchase your hosting. Buy it here, pay for it yourself, get the log in codes and own it for life.

Step. 3 Get your logos, pictures of your business location, pictures of you or your staff, or an idea of what you want to see for your header graphic. Pick from site designs to help us design your website.

Step 4. If you are ready, call us or go to the order tab at the top of the page and place your order. One of our professional web consultants will contact you, and will advise you on what to do next. Be prepared and know the content you will be adding to your websites and how it functions that is what gets you business.  Couple that with a good SEO – SEM to drive the customers to your site and you will have the complete package to market your facility on the web. We believe that a professional and functional website with a good marketing campaign will get you a great ROI on your web marketing campaign  Most web design firms want to sell you “pretty”–we want you to learn to have control of your content and we believe our sites to be as “pretty” as theirs.

Step 5. We don’t just make a web site for you and leave–we also provide you with our online video tutorials to learn how to add, delete and edit pages with text and pictures from your computer. Even  audio, video, and an online store is possible. We put you in control of your web site. Remember: we are always here if you need us to do it. You can always hire us to do it for you; your choice at any time!

Step 6. When your website is up and running, call us to discuss what you can do to maximize your online presence and attract business with your website! Contact Matt Shirey at 404-488-0558.